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The Tea On Me

The Struggle Was Real

I've always been passionate about food. I noticed this love at around 5 years old! I would always want to be in the kitchen with my mother to watch, to touch, to taste everything she would create.  As I got older about 9, I began to sneak and experiment in the kitchen without my mom, the first thing I tried to make was Creme Brûlée! I was watching Emeril Lagasse on The Food Network Channel and I thought if he can do it I can do it! Little did I know all this experimenting and learning the proper ways of cooking was preparing me for what was ahead. 

Growing into a young woman being faced with many life challenges that many young women face, I successfully succeeded graduating from G.W. Carver Senior High School and I decided to enroll at Trenholm Technical College, Culinary Arts Program! But life happened again. Getting married becoming a military spouse and pregnant with my first born Apollo was not for the weak! Being a breastfeeding mother who's baby refused any bottle I had to put school on hold to care for my child. My mother was a huge help when I re-enrolled but eventually I had to put my dreams and school on hold to care for my family.  We moved to Tacoma, Washington and I became a Stay At Home mom and later our family grew bigger! More meals...more cleaning....more get the picture. But I wouldn't trade any of it. My kids made me who I am today. Living in Tacoma, Washington is where I really got into the Cinnamon Roll craze! Trying to study the art of dough making and critiquing every mistake I made I felt like a scientist! I would stay up till 3am in the kitchen baking trying to get the Cinnamon Roll dough just right! 

Even though cooking is my first love there is something about a Cinnamon Roll I adore! 

It was time for another move Oahu, HI which is where my daughter Safiya was born and I began doing potlucks, events and selling my Cinnamon Rolls to neighbors. I was on a roll! Having my babies made me more determined to be a business owner especially my daughter. I felt she needed to see momma making her own coins! I live to inspire my children to one day pass down a legacy of greatness. 

Fast Forward.....Im pregnant again with Mega! The last of the tribe! The kids and I moved to Pike Road, AL on a mission to find a forever home! Being pregnant with two kids while searching for a home got exhausting. While their father finished out his military career in Hawaii, I fell in love with Pike Road, AL. It reminded me a little of  Tacoma, Washington which instantly got me emotional or maybe it was pregnancy hormones! 

Job after Job working in kitchens, and yes getting fired. I decided to just go for it! Start my own Cinnamon Roll business! Came up with a name and it was up from there! I got the best mentorship from my neighbor Mrs. Carrie! She literally was my taste tester on flavors I would come up with. She is the reason we offer Almond Joy Cinnamon Rolls! 


Your Cinnamon Roll Girl


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